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In Search of the 'TRUTH' through the 'eyes' of a non-Buddhist

This blog is specifically created as repository of 'anything & everything' on subjects/topics/issues related to in general in my research on Buddhism. Am I a Buddhist? No, I am not but one who finds this 'faith' intriguing, mind-boggling at times. As one who knows 'nothing' much about the subject, only skin-deep, it is extremely challenging as a study project. Blog postings reflect my research findings and what I am reading. Theory in the absence of practice is merely theorist who 'knows' but may not necessarily have the ability/capacity to 'act' (ie. do) what is preached. One must practice as preached. Reading alone acquires 'knowledge' but practice results in 'knowing' and attainment.

Come with me on 'my journey' of search, share my 'confusions' and 'enlightenments' along the way to "free one's mind" and "fulfill one's heart" with compassion and love for all living creatures.

Join me, let us not only 'talk-the-talk' or 'talk-the-walk' but 'walk-the-talk' and 'walk-the-walk'.